New ARIONHUB Feature – Shoe Recommendation


Introducing AI Powered Personalisation. We are proud to have patented a revolutionary update to our ARIONHUB system. Our ‘Shoe Recipe Recommendation’ feature turns ARIONHUB into a personal running shoe advisor powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

Each and every running shoe possesses its own attributes, characteristics and technologies. A unique recipe. Considering the shoe stack height, heel-toe drop, and stiffness or support, we can match your movement profile to its suitable shoe recipe by combining a real-time gait analysis and our database of over 85 million data points. This creates a genuinely personalised experience powered by data and validated by academic research.


What is Shoe Recommendation?

Shoe recommendation is ARIONHUB’s latest feature to get a shoe ‘’recipe’’ recommendation based on the analysis of the customer. After conducting an analysis, the ARIONHUB app will present you with a shoe recipe for a performance shoe and a safety shoe. 

A performance shoe can help a customer with running efficiency, to run faster or further using the same amount of energy and perhaps improve on their PB records. The safety shoe focuses on more evenly distributing the load or off-loading certain body parts, thereby lowering the risk of developing an injury

The same indicators, performance and safety, already exist in ARIONHUB as badges, used to compare the different shoes worn by the customer. 


The performance and safety recipes consist of 3 components to determine the best shoe advice for the customer:

  1. Stack height: the thickness of the midsole, the material between your feet and the ground. Stack height is measured on four levels: low, medium, medium-high and high.
  2. Heel-toe drop: the difference between the height of the midsole at the heel of the shoe and the height at the toe of the shoe, i.e. the amount of height drop between heel and toe. Heel-toe drop is measured on three different levels: low, medium and high.
  3. The last component depends on the goal of the runner. For a performance shoe stiffness will be added and for a safety shoe, support will be added.
    • Stiffness: The stiffness refers to how stiff or soft the sole of the shoe is, i.e. the material between your feet and the ground. Stiffness is measured on four different levels: soft, medium soft, firm and carbon plate.
    • Support: Support indicates how much stability, support or guidance the (midsole of the shoe) provides. Support is measured on three different levels: none, light and heavy.

      More information?

      This latest update represents a revolutionary advancement in using artificial intelligence to help guide us to the right running shoes that our unique biomechanical profile. 

      We are proud to offer this game-changing feature to our ARIONHUB partners. Want to put our AI to the test? Visit an ARIONHUB partner store and get matched to the right shoes to help you run further, faster and longer or visit our website and social media pages to learn more.  


      For more information: Please visit the ARION website.