The world’s first video only AI-

automated dynamic gait analysis


Facilitating runners to assess their running technique in their own

homes, anywhere in the world, so they can order shoes with

confidence and greatly reduce returns of unwanted products.

Measure at home

Purchase online

Delivered to your door


ARIONeHUB makes it possible to order shoes in the comfort of your own home.

By filling in a questionnaire and recording yourself running, the AI and algorithms will provide you with a unique running shoe recipe based on your data.

By providing an overview of matching running shoes, you can easily order your next pair of running shoes and get them delivered to your door.


Digital expertise and engagement

ARIONeHUB will drive expertise in a webshop, improving customer engagement and decreasing the retention rate.

Personalized shopping guide

Personalized shopping allows customers to enjoy a tailored and unique experience based on their individual preferences and needs.

Curated results

Curated results ensure that the customer receives a carefully selected assortment that best matches their profile and running technique.

Reduced return rates

By using a bespoke product offer, the return rates of shoes will be reduced and the rates will be kept under control.

Satisfaction / ratings

ARIONeHUB will influence the satisfaction level of consumers, and drive conversions and better ratings are guaranteed.

Finding the right shoes

Facilitating runners to order shoes with confidence from within their own homes, anywhere in the world.