“100% of the analyses we are doing with ARION are leading to a purchase

– Sporthaus Schuster


Guide your customers to choose the right running shoes…

Attract Customers

Create an engaging retail experience that increases footfall by presenting customers with their unique digital footstrike.


Push Conversions

Allow customers to test multiple shoes and see which shoes are best suited to their individual needs as a runner.

Create Connections

Create a meaningful digital connection with your customers in the sales funnel for future engagement.


Game-changing features

Movement Metrics

  • Live generation of 18 different key movement metrics
  • View a live animated digital footstrike from within any shoe
  • Produce a predicted bioload to help customers reduce their risks of injury

”When I received my digital footstrike, I was able to see my movement in a whole new light.”

Video analysis

  • Interactive annotations to customise the customer experience

  • Show the position of a body part while landing

  • Drawing tool to help visualise the curves of the body and highlight angles to show the position of a body part while landing

”I had never actually seen myself run before, and it was a game-changer in helping me choose the right running shoes.”

Shoe comparison

  • Quickly compare several shoes and get a recommendation for the best performing and best safety ones

  • View the exact gaitline using our intuitive pressure map of every single step

  • Understand how the load is distributed throughout the lower body and a personalised prediction of injury risk

”I tested four pairs of shoes, and I got a clear picture of which shoes were best for me and why.”

Book an appointment

Book an appointment with our sales team to find out more about the possibilities of ARIONHUB for your store.

Activate your audience

ARIONHUB creates a long-term digital connection with customers to keep them in the sales funnel.

Digital flyer

Once a customer has completed a session with ARIONHUB at your store, the digital flyer is sent to their email address. When they get home, they can review their results, share them with fellow runners, and link directly to your store online. The digital flyer contains all the important insights such as:

  • Contact information to your store
  • Information about the shoe they tried on
  • Take-aways on key metrics
  • Biomechanical loads, pressure and metrics over time
  • Average metrics & performance

ARIONHUB in action

ARIONHUB moves the needle for retailers. Hear what our partners have to say.

Find your nearest ARIONHUB!

ARIONHUB is now live and growing worldwide. Wondering what ARION could do for you? Get in touch and learn how you can become an official ARIONHUB retailer today!


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