Guide your customers to

choose the right running shoes



Create an engaging retail experience by presenting customers with their unique digital footstrike.

Allow customers to test multiple shoes and see which shoes are best suited to their individual needs as a runner.

Create a meaningful digital connection with your customers in the sales funnel for future engagement.

Game-changing features

Live Movement Metrics


  • Live generation of 10 key movement metrics
  • Live-generated animated digital footstrike from within any shoe
  • Predicted bioload to show customers their specific risks of injury

Dynamic Video Analysis


  • Interactive annotations to customise the customer experience
  • Replay function to show the position of any body part while landing
  • Drawing tool to highlight the technique of every single step

Guided Shoe Comparison


  • Quickly compare several shoes and get a clear recommendation with our badge system
  • Compare the specific performance attributes of each shoe versus another
  • Discover how each shoe individually affects the user’s risk of injury

With ARIONHUB, I tried 7 or 8 different pairs of shoes and my recommended choice of On Cloudmonsters soon had me running my fastest 5k in about 25 years.

Stephen Davis
Performance Coach

Activate your audience

ARIONHUB creates a long-term digital connection with customers to keep them in the sales funnel.

Digital flyer

Once a customer has completed a session with ARIONHUB at your store, the digital flyer is sent to their email address. When they get home, they can review their results, share them with fellow runners, and link directly to your store online. The digital flyer contains all the important insights such as:

  • Contact information to your store
  • Information about the shoe they tried on
  • Take-aways on key metrics
  • Biomechanical loads, pressure and metrics over time
  • Average metrics & performance

ARIONHUB in action

ARIONHUB moves the needle for retailers. Hear what our partners have to say.

ARIONSTUDIO harnesses rich biomechanical
data and our groundbreaking AI engine to
help brands, clubs, athletes and sports make
insights-based decisions and fuel innovation.