ARIONHUB Onboarding

Start your ARIONHUB journey
in four easy steps.  

STEP 1 Unboxing

STEP 2 Onboarding

You will receive an email with the link to download the ARIONHUB app.

Create an account. Learn how to create an account.
Charge the pods. Learn how to charge the pods.

STEP 3 Shoe preparing


Take out the original insole


Put in the ARION insole


Secure the clip on the side of the shoe


Put the original insole on top of the ARION insole


Connect the pod to the ARION insole


If you still have any questions or doubts about the technical aspect, visit our help center page.

If you would rather explore more about biomechanics or data insights, check out our insights board.

Swipe down or click on discover to start the analysis.

Choose between a running identity or a walking identity

The customer has to give consent to provide health information

The customer fills in any injuries they are suffering from, their height, weight, gender and age and accepts the terms & conditions. 

Scan a barcode to search for a shoe.

If the barcode isn’t recognised, you can select the brand from the brand matrix list.

Select your session mode.

Connect the pods with the ARIONHUB Smart Insoles and they will automatically connect with the ARIONHUB app.

*Make sure to enable Bluetooth.

Click start run and start with the analysis!