If you change the way you move,
you change the game


Human movement is highly adaptable and can be modified

based on the specific goals of the individual and through

the capture of unique movement data.


Monitor key performance metrics that can help build the perfect personalized program to translate training gains into true match performance.

Create optimization of the player’s biomechanical loading, reducing the cost implication of avoidable injuries whilst maximising player performance.

Compare the biomechanical effects of different performance footwear to guide players to find the set-up that works in unison with their unique movement profile.

Through the utilisations of movement data, ARIONPRO has the power to increase player availability by 30% and player performance by 10%


Groundbreaking Features

AI-Driven Analysis

We can identify hidden data patterns that precede injuries
or periods of high performance. 

Our A.I. can generate insights into proactive guidance,
which informs coaching decisions and helps athletes
maintain peak conditioning and maximise player availability.

Load and Fatigue


Through the utilisation of movement data, by providing
more insights into the players’ local fatigue and injury
resistance, ARIONPRO has the power to increase player
availability by 30%.

ARIONPRO allows for the capture of movement data
instantaneously with live tracking. This permits the
coaching team to access live insight into the output and
loading of players. 

This insight can help the coaching team to adapt training
sessions to help players to optimise performance and help
them reach their ultimate potential. 

ARIONSTUDIO harnesses rich biomechanical
data and our groundbreaking AI engine to
help brands, clubs, athletes and sports make
insights-based decisions and fuel innovation.