At ATO-GEAR we help people improve the way they move,
by making the science of movement accessible.

Our Mission

We develop meaningful wearables based on cutting-edge movement science and proven technology. Understanding the human body’s movement is incredibly valuable for a healthy lifestyle. We help people improve their health by not only telling them what they did, but also how they did it and how to improve the way they move. By bringing the coaching experience to the world of wearables we make it accessible and easy to understand for all.

Our Mission

Our next-generation wearable

Explore our innovative running wearable ARION in a short 2-minute video.

Our next-generation wearable
Meet the team

The team behind ARION

Andrew Statham, PhD.
Andrew Statham, PhD. Co-founder & CEO

Jurgen van den Berg
Jurgen van den Berg Co-founder & CTO

Sonya Carrott, PhD. (Bowyer)
Sonya Carrott, PhD. (Bowyer) Former World Class Athlete
Strategic Relations Director

Jurian Boots
Jurian Boots Graphic Designer

Lisanne Schiphorst
Lisanne Schiphorst Operations Manager

Michael Tsapanos
Michael Tsapanos Software Engineer

Rob Janssen
Rob Janssen Back-end Developer

Antonios Arvanitidis
Antonios Arvanitidis Software Engineer

Joris van Dongen
Joris van Dongen Software Engineer

Nikolay Pelov
Nikolay Pelov Software Engineer

Siyana Stoyanova
Siyana Stoyanova Software Engineer

Kaloyan Ivanov
Kaloyan Ivanov Software Engineer

Melis Hasanova
Melis Hasanova Software Engineer

Camilo Rachello
Camilo Rachello Engineer

Veselin Nasev
Veselin Nasev Data Scientist

Livia Popper
Livia Popper Data Scientist

Jan van Gils
Jan van Gils Financial Controller

Surienna Bergland
Surienna Bergland HR & Office Manager

Stuart Burnett
Stuart Burnett Sales Director

Noah Scharrenberg
Noah Scharrenberg Software developer

Niels Osnabrugge
Niels Osnabrugge Software developer

Par Dunias
Par Dunias Principle Scientist

Marina Lakotka
Marina Lakotka Designer UI/UX

Aniek Korten
Aniek Korten Legal & compliance officer

Tove Jusic
Tove Jusic Projectmanager Marketing

Valentin Raltchev
Valentin Raltchev Software developer (intern)

Carina Dragan
Carina Dragan Software developer

Eliza Dragan
Eliza Dragan Software developer

Amira Catalina Cruceru
Amira Catalina Cruceru Software developer

Lissa Verhoeven
Lissa Verhoeven Biomedical Engineer

Luuk van den Boogaert
Luuk van den Boogaert Biomedical Engineer

Inan Erkal
Inan Erkal Head of finance