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Over 15 years of R&D and a cast database are the basis for ARIONs unique algorithms and AI engine

The ARION Ecosystem is built on our groundbreaking data intelligence and AI engine which gets stronger and smarter with every run. Our innovations are built to give humans a better understanding of themselves.

With each step in a pair of ARION Smart Insoles, we learn more about the uniqueness of human movement. We believe that this data and our research can solve critical issues in human performance and social health.

Partner benefits

Biomechanical expertise

9 patents in system and methodology, more than 15 years of R&D and over 90 million steps in our unique database.

Our team consists of a variety of experts in biomechanics, software, and hardware, each equipped with a wealth of resources and ready to offer invaluable assistance through their collective wisdom and skills set.


Fully customisable

Full control on customization, including branding elements, user interfaces and features.

Expert guidance

Our team of experts in the technical field facilitate a swift, easy and seamless integration process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness every step of the way.


What does an ARION integration partner mean?

Full access to the ARION SDK/API and integrate it into your own technology. The team will look together with you into the integration for an optimised and customised result.

Can I get access as an individual to the ARION SDK/API?

At the moment it is not possible to get access to the ARION SDK/API as an individual.

What level of support does your SDK/API offer, and how accessible is it for developers who may need assistance during the integration process?

Our team has a variety of experts in the biomechanical, software and hardware fields ready to help you integrate the SDK/API smoothly. They are ready to assist your developers with any questions they have and will support you through this process.

ARION Integration Partners

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