Welcome to the ARION ACADEMY

ARION ACADEMY is an educational platform that hosts all the resources you need to guide people to discover their unique Running Identity.

To help you navigate your ARION experience, we have divided it into three steps.



Our onboarding section contains video walkthroughs, infographics and FAQs to make sure you have all the support you need to get your ARIONHUB up and running so you can help your customers discover their unique Running Identity.


Once onboarded, you are ready to operate your ARIONHUB system. In this section, our CIO Andrew Statham gives you a live demonstration of how to successfully provide an ARION Biomechanical analysis with your customers using either the IPAD or Kiosk.


ARIONHUB was designed not just to educate runners but also to activate them. Our digital flyer helps you keep a close connection to your customers, while our ARION workshops help you attract and engage with your local running communities.

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