Sport is moving faster than ever before. Stronger athletes, longer tournaments and even slimmer margins of success. Players are being pushed to their absolute limits. But one key aspect of performance has been dangerously overlooked…Movement.

Human movement is absolutely unique. Athletes require a clear understanding of their individual biomechanics. Movement data and insights that can tailor training, optimise performance and reduce injury risk.

ARIONPRO is a next-generation innovation that decodes the correlation between movement, injuries and performance. Utilizing a data-driven AI to guide players to master their movement in the lab, at training and on the pitch.

When you change the way you move, you change the game. Master your movement with ARIONPRO.

It’s time to change the game.

ARION is on a mission to decode human movement. This commitment has driven us to develop a series of revolutionary hardware and software to take on distinctive challenges and forge new opportunities.

From introducing ARIONCOACH, a tool designed to enhance the running techniques of athletes, to launching ARIONHUB, a commercial innovation aimed at helping customers find their ideal footwear, ARION remains at the forefront of introducing pioneering technologies that move the world forward.

Throughout our eight-year journey, one segment has consistently captured our attention: professional sports.

By harnessing ARION’s intelligent insole, we are able to directly extract comprehensive biomechanical data from within an athlete’s shoe in real-time. While the value of this technology has always been evident, its hardware needed refinement. After years of tireless innovation and experimentation, we are thrilled to announce that ARION is now primed for its grand entrance onto the sporting stage.

If you change the way you move, you change the game.

Introducing, ARIONPRO.