ARION Unveils Groundbreaking E-commerce Solution ARIONeHUB for Running Shoes Online.


Eindhoven, January 2024 — In a world where e-commerce takes a major stake, ARIONeHUB emerges as the game-changer in the realm of online running footwear shopping, blending the best of physical and digital experiences. 

As e-commerce continues to soar, driven by the convenience of digital devices, ARIONeHUB steps in to address the unique challenges faced by running shoe enthusiasts. While the online shopping journey is typically seamless, the running footwear sector lags due to the inability to try on shoes, assess fit, and truly understand performance before making a purchase.

Customers often resort to ordering multiple pairs, leading to increased return rates as finding the perfect fit becomes a trial-and-error process. This challenge impacts the profits of e-commerce players significantly. 

ARIONeHUB – Bridging the Gap

Introducing ARIONeHUB, the revolutionary bridge between physical and digital running shoe shopping. ARIONeHUB empowers customers to find their ideal running shoes from the comfort of their homes, ensuring a confident purchase and drastically reducing the return of unwanted products. 

Customers embark on an interactive journey by filling out a short questionnaire and recording themselves running. Using advanced AI and algorithms, ARIONeHUB analyses this data to create a personalized running profile. The platform then provides customers with a unique “shoe recipe” tailored to their running technique, along with a curated selection of relevant shoes available for purchase. 


The Benefits of ARIONeHUB

This innovative solution brings forth a wave of benefits for both consumers and e-commerce players. It enhances consumer engagement, decreases return rates, and personalizes the shopping experience. With a focus on optimizing results based on the runner’s profile, ARIONeHUB ensures a bespoke product offer, ultimately driving customer satisfaction, conversions, and stellar ratings. 

Where technology meets motion

ARIONeHUB isn’t just a platform; it’s a scientific breakthrough. By decoding the correlation between human movement, injuries, and performance through the marriage of science, data, and AI, ARIONeHUB ensures a safe and easy online environment for customers to confidently order the right running shoes. 

In the world of ARIONeHUB, technology meets motion to redefine the running shoe shopping experience. 

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