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ARION and INTERSPORT Austria Announce Exclusive Partnership to Revolutionize Retail Experience. 

Eindhoven, June 01, 2023. – ARION, the pioneering sports tech brand, is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with INTERSPORT Austria. This strategic collaboration will see ARION’s groundbreaking technology integrated into INTERSPORT Austria’s retail stores, transforming the way customers engage and interact with their favorite sporting goods.


ARION’s cutting-edge technology combines the power of science, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge wearable hardware to deliver an unparalleled retail experience. By partnering with INTERSPORT Austria, ARION aims to provide customers with groundbreaking analysis that revolutionizes their shopping journey as well as provide INTERSPORT with previously unobtainable data and insights.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and redefining the future of retail.

As part of the partnership, ARION’s innovative technology will be seamlessly integrated into INTERSPORT Austria’s retail stores, creating an immersive and personalized experience. In just fifty steps, customers will have access to personalized recommendations, and in-depth insights, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions that align perfectly with their unique needs and preferences.


“We are delighted to partner with INTERSPORT Austria,
a recognized leader in the sports retail industry,” said Markus Hupach, CEO at ARION. “This exclusive collaboration allows us to showcase the full potential of ARION’s technology and how it can revolutionize the way customers experience retail. Together, we will provide INTERSPORT Austria’s customers with unparalleled analysis and personalized recommendations, making their shopping journey truly exceptional. INTERSPORT Austria is known for its progressive transformation. They will lead the way into a true digital experience in a physical environment to drive in-store experience and excellence at POS, that builds loyalty and drives results.”

By integrating ARION’s technology into its stores, INTERSPORT Austria aims to offer an innovative and unique shopping experience that enhances customer engagement and fosters brand loyalty.


“This partnership is another step towards offering our customers an even better consulting experience at the point of sale,” says Peter Rödhamer, Team Lead Category Management Running, expressing his conviction about the partnership with ARION.

“We are not replacing the expertise of our employees, but supplementing their know-how with highly technical analyses and evaluations. These give our staff on the floor insight into important biometric data and injury-related deficits of the customer. This essential info enables the selection of a shoe that not only fits well but even more individualization in choosing the right product.

In the introductory phase, we will start with an absolute focus on the running product group. Subsequently, we are already working on the expansion for the Hiking, Team Sport and Tennis ranges. With these complementary product groups, we offer our customers a well-rounded range of advice for all year-round sports.”

The integration of ARION’s technology into INTERSPORT Austria’s retail stores will be implemented over the coming months, with the first wave led by INTERSPORT WINNINGER, INTERSPORT TSCHERNE and INTERSPORT PILZ to unveil the enhanced shopping experience in all of their stores in June 2023. Both ARION and INTERSPORT Austria are excited about the possibilities this partnership holds and the positive impact it will have on customers.


Media Contact:
Elliott Rayner