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ARION and ENGELHORN SPORTS agree on a multi-year partnership. AI-based running shoe analysis arrives at the premium sports retailer in Mannheim. ARION, set to revolutionize the global running shoe market, takes off in Germany and wins Europe’s leading premium sporting goods retailer.


Mannheim, Eindhoven, London. April 03. Since April 1, Engelhorn Sports has been offering the AI-based, individual running shoe analysis ARIONHUB, which guides customers to the right running shoe in a data-based and personalized way. The smart wearable running insole ARIONCOACH is also part of the range. This helps runners record all important data while running and immediately provides audiovisual tips for optimized running behavior to improve performance and minimize injuries.

“The time is ripe for the transformation of the classic running shoe analysis. Scientific findings, a sound database and a digital system take analysis to the next level. I am very proud and grateful that Armin Weger and his Engelhorn team have consciously chosen our groundbreaking innovation. We will help them, and above all their customers, to find the right running shoes, provide important training tips, and convey far-reaching information about their personal running style,” says Markus Hupach, CEO of ARION since January of this year, delighted about the multi-year partnership with the Mannheim-based flagship partner.

“A tangible premium buying experience based on professional expertise, personalization, service and a complete assortment are essential building blocks when it comes to confirming our market leadership in sports retail. In this context, partnerships with disruptive game-changers are of utmost importance. Running has established itself as one of our driving categories. And ARION offers a unique, groundbreaking running shoe analysis that is scientifically sound and completely data-based like no other, thereby providing countless added values for us and our customers,” says ENGELHORN Sports CEO Armin Weger about the new premium partner ARION.


About ATO-GEAR: ATO-GEAR was founded in 2015, by Andrew Statham and Jurgen van den Berg. ATO-GEAR is a sports-tech focused company that develops and markets applications that improve health and performance of runners. The company is most notably known for its smart insoles that generate data and their ability to use this data for meaningful biomechanical analysis. As of today, ATO-GEAR has secured €3,5M in funding, has offices in Eindhoven and the UK, and employs 30 FTE.

About the ARION ECOSYSTEM: The ARION Ecosystem is built on their groundbreaking data intelligence and AI engine which gets stronger and smarter with every run in a pair of ARION smart insoles. Combined with research and expertise from world-renowned institutions, it is what helps ARION generate the vast knowledge and obsession with running and movement. This new understanding of movement creates incredible opportunities for the running industry, whether you are wearing, selling, or creating running shoes and equipment. ARION believes everyone in the running industry benefits from runners having a better understanding of themselves. By extending everyone’s athletic longevity through a clearer understanding of their individual “Running Identity”. This is why ARION has developed three innovative products that help solve problems at every level of the running industry. Introducing ARIONCOACH, ARIONHUB, and ARIONSTUDIO. ARIONCOACH to discover your perfect run. ARIONHUB to reveal your perfect choice. ARIONSTUDIO to create your perfect shoes.