Press release


Eindhoven, June 13th, 2023. – ARION has announced the successful closing of their latest multimillion investment round for the deep tech parent company ATOGEAR. The funds will be utilised to further develop their proprietary technology platform that is decoding human movement around the world.  


A UK-based investment firm led the round together with Dutch deep tech VC fund and existing shareholder, Innovation Industries, representing a significant investment for the ARION brand. On-going interest from potential investors means further contributions to the round continue to be collected ahead of a second closing planned for the end of August 2023. 


Based on cutting-edge movement science and proven technology, ARION develops innovations to capture and decode human movement data driving value across every level of the sports and health sectors. 


Commenting on the successful funding round, Markus Hupach (CEO) expressed ATOGEAR’s gratitude to investors and stated:  

“This investment represents a key moment in our journey, not just allowing us to accelerate our existing innovations but also providing exciting opportunities to move into new markets and introduce new solutions for professional athletes. The funds raised will enable us to accelerate our growth and continue the development of our innovative technology. We are grateful for the support and confidence demonstrated by our investors, and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve our shared vision.


We remain committed to building a strong and sustainable business that delivers long-term value to our customers, employees, and investors.”   


The newly secured capital will enable ARION to accelerate the development and commercialization of its cutting-edge sports tech solutions, paving the way for transformative advancements in the sports tech and health sectors. With this investment, ARION aims to consolidate its position as a key player in the deep tech landscape, further enhancing its ability to address critical challenges and driving innovation in the sports and health industries. 
Existing shareholder Innovation Industries commented: 

We joined ATOGEAR four years ago and continue to be amazed by their technology. We are happy to continue to support the team and look forward to the next phase of growth.” – Harm de Vries, General Partner, Innovation Industries. 


ATOGEAR aims to achieve significant milestones and create value for all stakeholders in the coming 12 months to further bolster recently reported traction through new customer acquisitions of major industry players from retail, brands and professional sport.  

Due to a high level of interest in the round, the company and shareholders have agreed a second closing planned for the end of August 2023. Any investors interested in joining the round can reach out to ATOGEAR directly. 

About ARION: ARION is on a mission to decode human movement to accelerate breakthrough innovations that move the world forward. The ARION team develop state of the art technologies based on cutting-edge movement science and research. With every step taken in a pair of ARION smart insoles drives ARION’s proprietary database of millions of footsteps, from individuals around the world. This database allows ARION to continually innovate and build upon its foundation of eight patents, and over fifteen years of research and development in collaboration with world-renowned research institutions, including TNO, Loughborough University, and Maastricht University.  


About ATO-GEAR: ATOGEAR is a sports-tech focused company that develops and markets applications that improve movement health and performance. The company is most notably known for its ARION smart insoles that generate data and its ability to use it for meaningful biomechanical analysis. ATOGEAR was founded by CIO Andrew Statham, together with co-founders in 2015. Following several years of early technology development ARION was successfully launched to market in 2018. As of today, ATOGEAR is led by CEO Markus Hupach, former MD of Sport2000, has offices in Eindhoven and the UK, and employs 23,4 FTE. 


About the ARION ECOSYSTEM: The ARION Ecosystem is built on their ground-breaking data intelligence and AI engine which gets stronger and smarter with every step in a pair of ARION smart insoles. Combined with research and expertise from world-renowned institutions, ARION’s vast database is what helps ARION generate pioneering knowledge and is the foundation of ARION’s obsession with human movement. This new understanding of movement and biomechanics creates incredible opportunities for the sports and health sector, whether you are wearing, selling, or creating footwear and equipment. ARION believes everyone can benefit from a better understanding of their individual movement identity. This is why ARION is continuing to develop innovative products that help solve problems at every level of the sports industry and beyond. 


For more information: Please visit the ARION website or the ARION content kit.