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Frequently asked questions

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How to set up ARIONHUB?

If you need help setting up your ARIONHUB, visit our ARIONHUB onboarding page with a step by step guide on how to get started with ARIONHUB. Learn more here.

How do I connect the pods?

It is important to note that your iPad can only connect one pair of pods at once. If you are struggling to connect your pods, disconnect the pods in the ARIONHUB app and try reconnecting the pods.

How do I insert the ARION smart insoles?

The ARION smart insoles work best when they are placed underneath the existing insoles of the shoes. If the existing insole cannot be removed, simply place the ARION insoles on top of the existing insoles.

How to insert the ARION smart insoles with orthotics?

If the customer wears an orthotic, simply place the ARION smart insoles underneath like you would do with a normal insole and start the analysis as normal.

Can you clean the ARION smart insoles?

Use a damp cloth to clean the devices. Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents for cleaning purposes, nor put them in the washing machine or under abundant water. If your ARION system has been used in damp conditions, let them dry naturally in a well-aired place. Do not use heating or drying equipment.

I can't add shoes to the shoe closet?

When in the shoe closet section of the app, remember to push the ‘+’ button at the top right hand of the screen. This will then give you access to ARION’s global shoe closet, where you’ll be able to search for the shoe you want to add to your own closet.

I can't find my shoe(s) in the global shoe closet?
You can easily manually add shoes to your own shoe closet. Click here to learn how to add shoes to the shoe closet!


What metrics does ARION measure?
ARION provides a lot of running metrics to coach you on. For a full list of ARION metrics and what they mean, please check this webpage.
Is ARION waterproof?

ARION has been designed to withstand water from rain or the occasional step in a creek, but not for aqua-jogging.

How future-proof is ARION?

ARION is future-proofed with electronics and sensors, which we’re able to utilize further with free software upgrades through the ARION app.

How long will the insoles last?

The sensors will last at least as long as the running shoe itself. The micro-fiber cover material could show signs of wear and tear, however the actual measurements of the insole sensors are not affected. The insoles are under warranty for 1.000 km or 1 year in case they are no longer functional.

How long does the battery last?

The ARION pod has 10 hours of constant battery power. This does depend on your settings (such as the settings for the LED lights).

Can I use the insoles independently?

An ARION insole needs to be connected to an ARION footpod in order to record any data. An ARION pack includes both insoles and pods, but additional insoles can also be purchased (for example to use in different pairs of shoes). ARION footpods and insoles are all interchangeable.