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With every step taken in our ARION Smart Insoles, we gain further insight into the uniqueness of human movement. Our research is based on decades of experimentation and our technology has been utilised by the worlds leading biomechanical institutions.

This has been further validated and published in work conducted by the University of Maastricht. Our ARION Smart Insoles demonstrated their remarkable accuracy in quantifying spatiotemporal metrics during running and permitting lab-quality data capture in the field.


The test was really amazing. Now I know which shoe is best for me to train in. It’s great to get this feedback from ARION.

Bashir Abdi

Olympic Athlete - European Record Holder

Working with ARION has allowed me to take a running laboratory outside into the natural environment.

Shane Benzie

Professional Running Coach and ARION Ambassador, Running Reborn

This gives our staff on the floor insight into important biometric data and injury-related deficits of the customer.

Peter Rödhamer

Team Lead Category Management Running, INTERSPORT Austria

The technology is so sophisticated that even athletes with a layman’s knowledge can draw clear conclusions from it.

Jaromir Fuoli

Senior Partner, ProMetrics

When talking to customers, you can see that there is a big wow effect, fun to explain and analyse their run in detail.

Dominik Waldleitner

Department Leader Running, Sporthaus Schuster

It was interesting to see the details about my running gait. I will dive deeper into it and see what I can do with this in training.

Jill Holterman

Olympic Marathoner