Host a workshop and see ARION in action. Our experts can run in-store biomechanics workshops that demonstrate ARIONHUB's power to attract, educate and convert.

By hosting a workshop, customers are attracted to stores by creating in-person engagement and online event marketing.

Through live demonstrations, the retail staff are then educated on how to operate the system and bring their expertise to life
by generating personalized and shareable takeaways.

Finally, ARIONHUB is built to convert, our workshops lead to dozens of new sales in-store and repeat sales through our digital flyer.

Step 1 Attract


Pick a Date

Decide on the perfect time and date to host your workshop. This could be within normal office hours, an evening class or alongside a pop-up event.

Create an event

Build a digital event on Facebook/Google/Twitter/TikTok. All Banners and copy are available HERE.

Invite runners

Promote the event across your social and send an email announcement/newsletters to your contacts. An email template is included HERE.

Step 2 Educate


Order the inventory

You need to make your workshop a success. Including physical banners, merchandise and kiosks. All information on ordering is included HERE.

Educate your staff

Make sure your staff is trained and ready to operate ARIONHUB. You can find information on how to use it HERE.

Step 3 Convert


Prepare the store

Set up the station, charge the pods, and prepare all relevant shoe stock. Image of an example station is included HERE.

Educate and support

Print off supporting biomechanics materials and place them on the roll-up banner to help educate your customers on all metrics, injuries, and technologies. All materials can be found HERE.

Capture content

Take videos and pictures for your own social channels, and encourage customers to share their digital flyers across tier social channels. Make sure to add #ShareYourStrike. Examples of content can be found HERE.

Need help with your workshop? Hire us to do it all for you!

Our experts can plan your event, bring all products and sell your shoes.