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ARION wearable

The pressure-sensitive insoles measure the direct interaction between your feet and the ground. The footpods accurately track the movement of your body. Combined with the ARION app it connects you to your running technique that wasn’t possible before, to ultimately run faster, longer and safer.

ARION smart insoles


Ultra-thin smart insoles

The smart, flexible and ultra-thin ARION insoles slip neatly under your existing running shoe insoles.


  • 8 pressure-sensitive sensors
  • Flexible and ultra-thin at just 2 mm
  • Turn your shoes into a mobile running lab
  • Your shoe feels and performs as it always did
  • Available in 4 sizes covering EU36 to EU47+ / UK3 to UK13+


Sensor-packed footpods

ARION footpods are rugged, waterproof and sit unnoticed at the side of your running shoe while accurately measuring the movement of your body.


  • Multi-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, bluetooth and GPS
  • Run without your phone (coming in 2021 for the ARION with GPS version)
  • Multi-colored LEDs for safe running at night
  • Battery life up to 7 hours of run time
  • Small and lightweight



All running metrics in a feature-packed system

Simple changes to your running technique can help you run faster, more efficiently and
reduce injury risk. Target zones per metric are set automatically and
ARION guides you step-by-step with real-time audio feedback.

Basic metrics

Mapping, pace, duration and distance are available through the free app, even without the ARION wearable.
Running footstrike


Understand which part of your foot makes initial contact with the ground – your heel, midfoot or forefoot.
running cadence


Changing your amount of steps per minute can significantly affect your efficiency and biomechanical loading.
running cadence

Step length

Gain insight into the length of your steps, and understand how changes affect your cadence and pace.


See which foot you use the most. Being imbalanced could indicate injury, pain or poor function.
running stability


Stability indicates how stable the foot is when touching the ground. Stability can be correlated with injury risk.
running contact time

Contact time

Contact time refers to the time your foot remains in contact with the ground during each step.
running flight time

Flight time

Flight time refers to the time your feet remain in the air in between steps.
running heart rate

Heart rate

Connect your heart rate monitor and track how hard you are working as you develop your running technique.
running stability

More coming soon!

We’re able to update ARION to add more metrics, meaning your ARION will evolve the longer you own it.
ARION app audio feedback


Real-time feedback while you run

ARION provides real-time audio feedback to create a wearable coaching experience. Receive audio and visual feedback from your smartphone so you can make adjustments in real-time with every step you take.


Mobile gait analysis

The free ARION app keeps track of your route, pace, speed, duration and distance. Add the ARION wearable for a complete mobile gait analysis and to measure even more metrics like footstrike, step length, cadence, and many more.
Available for free on iOS and Android.

ARION app audio feedback


Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information in these FAQs. Do you have a different question? Check out this full list of FAQs or shoot us an email at

Which size should I get?

ARION smart insoles are available in 4 sizes covering EU36 to EU47+ / UK3 to UK13+. On the order page you’ll find a complete size guide for EU/UK/US shoe sizes to select the right ARION size.

What’s included with my purchase?

ARION comes with two smart insoles, two footpods, a charger and manual. The ARION app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

When will my order ship?

Delivery times vary per product. You can find the expected delivery time for each ARION product in our online store.

For whom is ARION suitable?

ARION is suitable for runners of all performance levels and ages. However we believe it’s best suited for runners and triathletes looking to improve their technique, distance, speed or reduce their injuries.

How does ARION work?

The ARION smart insoles measure the interaction between your feet and the ground. Its coaching AI will help you towards an improved running technique.

How future-proof is ARION?

ARION is future-proofed with electronics and sensors, which we’re able to utilize further with free software upgrades through the ARION app.

How long will the insoles last?

The sensors will last at least as long as the running shoe itself. The insoles are under warranty for 1.000 km or 1 year in case they are no longer functional.

Is there also a web dashboard available?

Yes! The ARION dashboard gives you powerful insights to keep track of your performance and running technique progress and allows you to dive deep into your running data.

Do you have ARION in stock?

We have limited stock available. Please refer to our online store for actual delivery information or reach out to for more information.


Order your ARION

We are currently processing our ongoing production round. Order today to have your ARION shipped to you within the next 3 weeks. ARION can be shipped to all countries listed in our online store. Curious to see what it looks like? Watch our unboxing video.
Discount available for running groups. Get in touch

ARION – from €249

Two smart insoles and two footpods for simultaneous measurements.