Terms and Conditions For Applicants

Terms and Conditions For Applicants

Last updated: 21, August 2023


Your permission to process your personal information in connection with your job application is given upon completion of this registration process.

Regarding the personal information you submit in connection with a job application, ARION understands that you have a right to privacy and confidentiality. To that end, we shall abide by all relevant data protection laws. To evaluate your application for employment and for other typical human resources objectives, ARION uses the personal information you provided during this application process. Please click here to view ARION’s privacy statement for additional information on how the company gathers and uses personal information.

In order to manage your personal information during the application process and, if applicable, your job or engagement terms, ARION needs your permission. Your private information might also be utilized to keep an eye on hiring practices and equal opportunity guidelines. By logging into your profile, you may view, update, and correct your information whenever you want.

You acknowledge and agree that ARION may contact you for recruitment and employment reasons, to process your employment, and for other employment-related purposes following the completion of this online application. ARION may use the personal information you willingly give. Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that ARION may disclose your personal information to its affiliates, companies that process data on its behalf, regulatory agencies, or as otherwise required by law.

If your application is unsuccessful, ARION may keep your personal information on file for up to three years or as allowed by law in order to match your abilities with potential future employment possibilities.

Please send an email to HR@ato-gear.com if you have any queries about how your data will be used or if you would like it removed from ARION and future hiring considerations.

Please be aware that your information will not be communicated and ARION will not be able to review and process your application if you do not give permission by choosing “Submit” or if you cancel it before finishing it.

Request for Reasonable Accommodation: If you need specific, reasonable accommodation to fill out this application, participate in an interview, complete any pre-employment testing, or in any other way, contact HR@ato-gear.com.