Every week we’re sharing running tips on our Instagram account called #ARIONtips, all kinds of running tips ranging from technique, to performance, to injury prevention. Here’s an overview of the tips we’ve shared over the past couple of weeks.

Listen to the sound of your feet when you land

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An interesting study showed that runners were able to reduce the loading they experienced on their bodies. This was done simply by measuring the loading, providing feedback and letting them work out the rest. Without measurement equipment this might sound difficult to reproduce during your own runs. Why not try listening to the sound your feet make on the ground? By landing more softly you can usually hear a difference. Something to keep in mind during your next run that might help you find a style of running that has less impact on your body.

Maintain speed but reduce contact time

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Running at the same speed with a shorter contact time to the ground correlates to better running efficiency.

Diversify your training

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Research has shown that by diversifying your training you can significantly reduce your risk of injury. So take some time out from running, hit the gym, go dancing, or try another sport to mix up your training. This allows your body to experience new ways of moving and develop more resistance to injury.

Use music that matches your cadence

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Some nice studies have been done to show that by using a strong beat a runner can fix their cadence without needing to consciously focus on it. This also works with the right music selection, so for next time you go running you could create a playlist that follows your cadence.

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