Every week we’re sharing running tips on our Instagram account called #ARIONtips, all kinds of running tips ranging from technique, to performance, to injury prevention. Here’s an overview of the tips we’ve shared over the past couple of weeks.

Running in different shoes could reduce your risk of injury

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Some research has indicated that more supporting shoes can help reduce the risk of injury for less experienced runners. There are also many supporters of more natural movement of the foot for more experienced runners. One thing that scientific studies have shown is that running in different shoes can help reduce your injury risk. Maybe it’s wise to not try to decide between two pairs, but just get both, your body is likely to thank you later!

Plyometric training can have a significant benefit for running efficiency

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A variety of nice studies have investigated the effects of plyometric training programs on running performance. They have shown that for many people this kind of training can have a significant benefit for running efficiency. So why not take some time out of your normal running program to focus in on some specific plyometric exercises and see if you find yourself bounding more easily through your runs.

Make sure to do your core stability training

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Good core stability could protect you from injuries and help your performance. Trends in research are increasingly identifying relationships between core stability and risks of certain injuries and better performance. This might be the time to make sure your core is not letting you down.

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