ARION Run Lab Pro


A unique experience offering running technique analysis with actionable takeaways
  • Work on running technique with customers
  • Show gait heatmap in real-time
  • Print takeaways on a flyer to take home
  • Includes half day of training with ARION
  • Custom designed retail flyer
  • 1,000 printed flyers
  • Optionally add the ARION University
  • Contact us for a custom package
€2,395 ex. VAT
Delivering from Q4 2019
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ARION Run Lab retail experience

Provide your customers with a truly unique experience by analyzing their running technique and providing them with valuable takeaways.

Our specialized team will custom design flyers to add a professional edge to your Run Lab experience. Provide us with your inspiration, logos, and any promotions, offers, events or any other information you would like to send your customers home with on the front side of their personalised printed report, and leave the rest to us.

Step 1: Intake

Welcome customers to your store and immediately involve them in the customer experience. Users enter their information into an iPad, feel free to make this a more involving experience by weighing, measuring and introducing the customer to the technology, or let them set themselves up whilst you are helping others. Gather useful customer information into a unified cloud database and create unique and highly interactive customer engagement.

Introduce the customer to their first test shoes and select them in the ARION app. Place ARION’s intelligent sensing insoles underneath the existing running shoe insole. Fit the shoes as normal, preparing your customer to run a short distance or get on the treadmill for a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Measurement

The ARION app will show live pressure data on the app and can be shared on a larger screen to enhance the experience by letting customers see every step they take. A few meters of running on a track or a minute or two on a treadmill is enough time for ARION’s AI to provide an automated analysis of a runner’s technique.

Step 3: Analysis

Immediately after finishing a run session, the ARION app will show a summary of your customer’s data showing how the foot contacts, and rolls off the ground, the way the body is likely to experience loading and personalized takeaways. Click “print” to generate a flyer tailored to your customer’s data which you can print out, and give them to take home, providing you with an opportunity to promote your store, upcoming events or any other offers or services. Repeat with other shoes, coaching tips or running conditions to compare results.

What’s included

  • 8 pair smart insoles (2 each size)
  • 4 footpods
  • 2 Chargers
  • First year subscription to the ARION Run Lab app (€495 per year)
  • Half day of user training (max 5 people, in our office or live webinar)
  • Online dashboard
  • Marketing Package: Custom designed flyer artwork + 1,000 printed flyers

What’s optional

  • ARION University: Advanced Running Technique training in 2 additional training sessions for max 5 people
  • Contact us for a package that is optimized for your situation

Required hardware (not included)

  • iPad with current iOS
  • Compatible color printer
  • WiFi internet access
  • In case of streaming to a larger screen: Apple TV, Compatible monitor or TV, HDMI cable

ARION in-store experience

Watch the video below to see the ARION Run Lab in action.