ARION Footpod non-GPS 1.0

This ARION Footpod is the companion to the ARION Smart Insole.

ARION Footpod non-GPS 1.0


An ARION footpod is connected to an ARION insole to record the interaction between your foot and the ground in full detail.

  • Bluetooth connection (BLE)
  • Multi-axis accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Battery life up to 7 hours
  • Custom LED settings
  • Just 17 gram

ARION footpods are rugged, waterproof and sit unnoticed at the side of your running shoe while accurately measuring the movement of your body.

  • Multi-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and bluetooth
  • Multi-colored LEDs for safe running at night
  • Battery life up to 7 hours of run time
  • Small and lightweight

Note: this footpod can’t be used standalone. An ARION pack includes two footpods, smart insoles and a charger for full functionality.

ARION Footpod

This ARION Footpod is the companion to the ARION Smart Insoles. In combination you are able to measure your running gait and get coaching on your running technique.

On board of this footpod you will find an IMU with a 3-axis accelerometer & 3-axis gyroscope to track your foot while in the air, and the bluetooth LE module.

The connection with your ARION Smart Insole is waterproof through the unique bottle top design.

The battery life is up to 7 hours, depending on the settings for the LED lights.

The LED lights can be customized and adjusted (on-off, color and brightness).