Revolutionizing Human Movement: Introducing ARIONFUSION – The World’s Thinnest all-in-one Smart Insole 


[Eindhoven, October 2023] — ARION, a trailblazer in biomechanical innovation, is set to unveil a ground-breaking advancement in smart wearables with the launch of ARIONFUSION, the world’s thinnest all-in-one smart insole. 

For years, the challenge has persisted: How do we capture lab-quality biomechanical insights measuring both forces and motion in real use cases from anyone, anywhere?  

Since the foundation research began, ARION’s Smart Insoles have undergone a remarkable evolution. What started as a relatively thick pressure sensing insole and cable to a bulky ankle-mounted device that has transformed into an ultra-thin, highly flexible printed electronic smart insole connected to a sleek, lightweight pod discretely clipped to the shoe. This progression has brought us one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal of entirely unobtrusive, real-time, in-field data capture. 

In spite of the sleek and lightweight design of the ARION Smart Insole, the pod clipped to the shoe meant that the system was still not perfectly suited for applications and sports where contact might be expected, for high boot footwear designs, or where a clip or pod may not be permitted or desirable.  

Enter ARIONFUSION – a monumental leap in wearable technology as the world’s thinnest fully integrated smart insole. ARIONFUSION maintains all the advantages of the existing ARION system with an ultra-thin, lightweight design, but without a pod clipped to the shoe. Fully wireless ARIONFUSION bundles the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, printed electronic pressure sensors, battery and 3D motion tracking IMU chips, into a single-piece smart insole with everything seamlessly hidden within an astonishing 3mm thickness. It defies detection beneath our feet while ingeniously capturing rich biomechanical data from within. This technological marvel represents a paradigm shift in wearables, setting a new standard for compact, powerful, and intuitive design.  

The system has industry-standard Qi wireless charging capability and can be used for up to 10 hours of continuous recording of sensor data without recharging. The razor-thin nanotech pressure sensors and IMU enable ARIONFUSION to deliver lab quality force and motion data. By being water resistant, the insole can be used in almost any environment. The high flexibility and razor thin design of the insole makes for an uninterrupted experience as it allows it to fit into any shoe and remains entirely undetectable. The lightweight insole, weighing only 25 grams, is so thin that it will slip neatly underneath an existing insole. Allowing users to continue using their original footwear insoles, or even to use orthopaedic supporting insoles, as normal whilst ARIONFUSION is silently gathering vast amounts of movement data and driving powerful algorithms to decode human movement.  

Decoding human movement with unprecedented precision

ARIONFUSION can be utilized across the ARION ecosystem. ARIONHUB is built to solve one of the biggest challenges in the running industry, giving customers the clarity and confidence, they need when searching for the perfect shoes. By integrating these pioneering smart insoles into ARIONHUB, customers will experience more benefits than ever before. 

Whilst ARIONHUB is demystifying the overwhelming choices of shoes, behind the scenes, the ARION team has spent years working with professional athletes, culminating in the latest ARION experience, ARIONPRO. ARIONPRO harnesses the power of cutting-edge hardware and data-driven artificial intelligence, to guide athletes through a journey to master their movement. The storage of the data will be within the insole and can be visible for the coach to understand the biomechanics of their athletes, including insights into muscles activity, joint and tissue loading, and localised fatigue. With the latest integrated, all-in-one smart insole design, ARIONFUSION can now be introduced into multitude of applications including football, tennis, golf, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, healthy living and any other conceivable environment in which humans are moving.

In ARION’s unyielding mission to decode human movement, the ARIONFUSION advancement is the quantum leap we’ve been waiting for. This powerful innovation equips our Smart Insole with unprecedented strength, intelligence, and speed. It’s primed to capture movement data from the pitch, the court, the field, and beyond, empowering athletes, researchers, and enthusiasts alike to explore new frontiers in human performance. 

Where technology meets motion

In the relentless pursuit of decoding human movement, ARIONFUSION is the future. It signifies the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology with the innate elegance of human motion. With ARIONFUSION, we’re not just tracking steps; we’re unravelling the intricate tapestry of movement, unlocking a new era of human potential. 

ARION invites you to join us in celebrating the launch of FUSION, a true game-changer in smart wearables. Witness the evolution, experience the revolution, and embrace the future of human movement. 

About ARION: ARION is on a mission to decode human movement to accelerate breakthrough innovations that move the world forward. The ARION team develop state-of-the-art technologies based on cutting-edge movement science and research. With every step taken in a pair of ARION Smart Insoles drives ARION’s proprietary database of millions of footsteps, from individuals around the world. This database allows ARION to continually innovate and build upon its foundation of eight patents, and over fifteen years of research and development in collaboration with world-renowned research institutions, including TNO, Loughborough University, and Maastricht University. For more information, visit