We are excited to welcome Nagaraj Hegde to the ARION family and onto the ATO-GEAR Management team as our new Technical Director. Raj will be a key part of our ever-growing product and tech teams and for leading our technology into the future. With the addition of Raj, we get ever closer to realising our mission of mastering human movement.



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Raj. I am fascinated with the way technology can contribute to human lives in a substantial way to improve the quality of life; hence I have been working in the domain of wearables for health applications for the last decade or so. I am also a Meditation practitioner and teacher. 

2. What was the proudest moment of your career?

When during my PhD research, the insole system that I built helped stroke patients to walk more symmetrically. I could see how what I make can help someone in their day-to-day lives, in a meaningful way. 

3. What is it about ARIONs technology making you want to lead our tech team?

We have the best-in-class products in movement technology, designed by best-in-class engineers, supported by a best-in-class management team, that is empathetic. 

4. What did you learn about your running identity through using ARIONHUB?

I was surprised at how much data could be generated in such a short amount of time, and how it highlighted just how unique movement is.


About ATO-GEAR: ATO-GEAR was founded in 2015, by Andrew Statham and Jurgen van den Berg. ATO-GEAR is a sports-tech focused company that develops and markets applications that improve health and performance of runners. The company is most notably known for its smart insoles that generate data and their ability to use this data for meaningful biomechanical analysis. As of today, ATO-GEAR has secured €3,5M in funding, has offices in Eindhoven and the UK, and employs 30 FTE.

About the ARION ECOSYSTEM: The ARION Ecosystem is built on their groundbreaking data intelligence and AI engine which gets stronger and smarter with every run in a pair of ARION smart insoles. Combined with research and expertise from world-renowned institutions, it is what helps ARION generate the vast knowledge and obsession with running and movement. This new understanding of movement creates incredible opportunities for the running industry, whether you are wearing, selling, or creating running shoes and equipment. ARION believes everyone in the running industry benefits from runners having a better understanding of themselves. By extending everyone’s athletic longevity through a clearer understanding of their individual “Running Identity”. This is why ARION has developed three innovative products that help solve problems at every level of the running industry. Introducing ARIONCOACH, ARIONHUB, and ARIONSTUDIO. ARIONCOACH to discover your perfect run. ARIONHUB to reveal your perfect choice. ARIONSTUDIO to create your perfect shoes.