How an ARIONHUB analysis can help you for your next run

It is officially spring, the weather is getting better, no more snow and nicer temperatures. This also means that the racing season has opened! Marathons, half marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s, they are all ready for us. In order to prepare for a race, you probably have a good schedule, you maybe want to pay attention to your fuel and mostly, you are just excited to put on your bib and give it all. 

Each run we complete is different to the one before it and we are forever evolving as runners. But how can you make the most of your next run? You might try different shoes, you might try a different pace, or you might try a gait analysis. We hear you thinking, how can a gait analysis help me? Well, let us explain it all to you. 

At ARION we have our own gait analysis called ARIONHUB, software combined with hardware technology to teach people more about themselves in just 50 steps. In those 50 steps, we measure multiple things such as a footstrike, your bioload and over a dozen individual movement metrics to assess your performance.  


Take for example your footstrike. Your footstrike is like a fingerprint, it is unique to you and can be unique for every run. Learning more about your footstrike, and how your foot moves through the shoe during a step can help you understand your unique running identity.  

The various footstrike patterns differently affect the loading of your body. Several studies confirmed that forefoot runners exhibit higher mechanical loading on ankle structures, like the Achilles tendon and the calf, whereas rearfoot runners show a higher loading on the knee joint. An insight into your footstrike can show you what type of striker (rear-, mid-, or fore-) you are and can help you understand more about your loading. 


When you are running, your body experiences loading on your muscles and joints. Especially your lower body area is experiencing lots of loading. ARIONHUB measures your loading and can show which areas are experiencing more or less loading. We indicate this with red, the deeper the red, the more load on the associated body part. Insights into your bioload can help you understand why a specific body part might be sore the day after your run. An ARION analysis will help you gain more insights but also show you the difference a shoe and the shoe technology can make, for example, distribute the loading more evenly instead of experiencing this at one specific area.  


Cadence, step length, flight time, contact time and many more metrics are measured by ARIONHUB. Insights into your running technique also help you to get more out of your run. A shoe might help you with increasing your flight time and decreasing your contact time, which is often related to running efficiency. The longer you are in the air, the less time you spend on the ground and the more efficiently you are running. Perhaps you would like to focus on safety or stability. ARIONHUB measures both, to show which shows can help you from a safety perspective, for your longer duration runs, and how stable the shoe is for you.

It helps to run in multiple pairs of shoes, especially if you do different types of training. You might want a fast, efficient shoe for your interval training and a shoe that gives you stability for your longer-duration runs. ARIONHUB is there for you to explore which shoe options there are. To help you gain more knowledge and insights for your next run.

Interested in an ARION analysis? Visit one of our ARIONHUB partners as they are more than happy to help you gain more knowledge into your unique Running Identity.

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