The word is finally out! We are so excited to tell you about our new ARIONCOACH Smart Insole system, specifically developed to help aid runners in discovering their running identities! After a decade of relentless research, six years of operation, and thousands of hours of recorded running data, one thing has become very clear to us…

Runners are exceptionally unique! 


Each run we complete is different to the one before it and we are forever evolving as runners. Just take a look at your footstrike, every single step we take is unique, and this is only amplified when comparing ourselves to others: no two footstrikes are ever the same. They are unique, and therefore, so are we.

But what is truly the most contributing factor to achieving peak running performance? Your training regime? Your movement & technique? Making sure you’re using the latest equipment? We at ARION believe it should start with simply a better understanding of yourself, a firmer grasp of your own exceptionally unique Running Identity. But this is much easier said than done. There’s currently a huge knowledge gap in the industry, where the overwhelmingly complex exposure to data is making it harder and harder for runners to understand where they’re going wrong, and even where they’re going right.

This brings us to ARIONCOACH.

ARIONCOACH is a tool created by runners, for runners. A fine-tunes system that helps break down the confusion and put the power back in the hands of the user (or feet). ARIONCOACH is a new step in ARION’s journey to help YOU discover your own Running Identity. And it won’t stop here.


But we know what you’re probably thinking… how is this much different from the previous ARION wearable? Well, that’s the beauty of it. The changes are subtle, yet game-changing.

Let us explain:

  • New & Improved Coaching Programmes

ARIONCOACH creates a coaching programme for you based upon a quick 5-minute run; also known as a baseline session.

The built-in coaching AI will tailor a programme that caters specifically to your own goals and will be different for every single ARION runner. The programme will set targets for you that focus on specific areas of your running technique e.g. ‘’Aim for a running cadence of 170spm this run’’. A goal that is determined by your most recent run, and formed upon what is the optimal next step for you and your body. Throughout the run, you will receive real-time audio feedback and visual feedback known as ‘’target-zones’’, so you can make adjustments in real-time with every step you take.

We’re also excited to announce that there will be featured coaching programmes available as part of the new ARIONCOACH app. Shane Benzie (@shane.benzie) from Running Reborn ( has used his decades of movement expertise & coaching experience to prepare a programme that is guaranteed to significantly develop runners of all levels. Stay tuned for this one.


  • Fresh & Easy-To-Digest Running Metrics


Of course, we had to add some extra metrics to help you discover your Running Identity. New metrics such as swing time, stride time, stride length and impulse are all ready for you to use within the new ARIONCOACH app – with many more to come!

These metrics, new & old, will be incorporated into your overall programme in a way that is not only easy to track but easy to understand too! Perfect for all runners of all abilities.



  • State-Of-The-Art Hardware & Design

But what about the hardware, you ask? Don’t worry. The new ARIONCOACH app comes with all the bells and whistles. Not only is the software primed for the ultimate running experience; we’ve also redesigned our running pods & insoles to gift you the forefront of gait-analysis technology. But if you’re not quite yet ready for the upgrade, then the new app will still be compatible with your existing hardware. Whenever you’re ready!


  • The Ability to Share & Connect with other Runners

Now for the most exciting announcement of all…

Not only will you now be able to analyze and collect a comprehensive profile of your own unique Running Identity, from the comfort of your mobile device. You’ll also be able to share and connect this information with other runners! Because we all love to share our passion with others, right? Chances are you’ve probably already seen some examples of this on our social channels in recent weeks, but there’s even more than meets the eye! From your footstrike to your bioload, or even your entire running route. We’re giving you the opportunity to track, analyze and now SHARE your running journey – with runners just like yourselves. The perfect way to celebrate the uniqueness of runners. At just the click of a button. Make sure you hashtag #RunningIdentity and #ShareYourStrike and tag so you can join in on the action!

To say we’re excited about this new chapter in our ARION journey is an understatement. And we couldn’t be doing it without you. The ARION community & the running industry as a whole is one we’re very proud to be a part of, and it’s why we’re so passionate about helping runners take their understanding & performance to the next level.

To help celebrate this chapter, we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you all. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to avoid missing just a second of it, it’s only going to get better! We’re now even on TikTok! Come say hi at or as we’ll be sharing more quick ways to help you run faster, longer & safer.

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