ARIONCOACH is your very own biomechanical running lab right inside your shoes, designed to improve your running technique.
ARION smart insoles


Ultra-thin smart insoles

The smart, flexible and ultra-thin ARION insoles slip neatly under your existing running shoe insoles.


  • 8 pressure-sensitive sensors
  • Flexible and ultra-thin at just 2 mm
  • Turn your shoes into a mobile running lab
  • Your shoe feels and performs as it always did
  • Available in 4 sizes covering EU36 to EU47+ / UK3 to UK13+


Sensor-packed pods

ARION pods are rugged, waterproof and sit unnoticed at the side of your running shoe while accurately measuring the movement of your body.


  • Multi-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, bluetooth
  • Multi-colored LEDs for safe running at night
  • 10 hours of constant battery power
  • Lightweight and discreet




ARIONCOACH is your portal to cutting-edge exercise science which creates an intuitive and easy to understand coaching experience. 


  • Analyze your runs
  • Real-time audio feedback 
  • Personal coaching AI programme
  • Keeping track of your performance



All running metrics in a feature-packed system

Simple changes to improve your running technique to help you run faster, more efficiently and
reduce injury risk. Target zones per metric are set automatically and
ARIONCOACH guides you step-by-step with real-time audio feedback.

Basic metrics

Mapping, pace, duration and distance are available through the free app, even without ARIONCOACH.

Running footstrike


Understand which part of your foot makes initial contact with the ground – your heel, midfoot or forefoot.

running cadence


Changing your amount of steps per minute can significantly affect your efficiency and biomechanical loading.

running cadence

Step length

Gain insight into the length of your steps, and understand how changes affect your cadence and pace.


See which foot you use the most. Being imbalanced could indicate injury, pain or poor function.

running stability


Stability indicates how stable the foot is when touching the ground. Stability can be correlated with injury risk.

running contact time

Contact time

Contact time refers to the time your foot remains in contact with the ground during each step.

running flight time

Flight time

Flight time refers to the time your feet remain in the air in between steps.

running heart rate

Heart rate

Connect your heart rate monitor and track how hard you are working as you develop your running technique.

running stability

More coming soon!

We’re able to update ARION to add more metrics, meaning your ARION will evolve the longer you own it.


Discover your running identity

The ARIONCOACH app is your portal to cutting-edge exercise science, creating simple, intuitive and easy to understand interfaces through which you can transform the way you run. Available for free on iOS and Android.

Analyze your running performance

Every session is synchronized to your ARIONCOACH account for you to review at any time. Use the slider to analyze every single step and see exactly how you performed at any moment of your run.

ARION app biomechanical loading

Reduce your risk of injury

ARIONCOACH helps you to spread the loading on your body to reduce specific injury risks. By giving you recommendations you will be guided to gradually and safely adapt your running technique.

ARION app interval sessions

Your personal coaching AI programme

With AI coaching, ARIONCOACH will help you discover your own running identity. Obtaining data from your baseline run, the coaching AI creates a personalized programme to reach your running goals.



We are currently processing our ongoing production round. Order today to have your ARIONCOACH shipped to you within 48 hours. ARIONCOACH can be shipped to all countries listed in our online store. Curious to see what it looks like? Watch our unboxing video.
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Two smart insoles and two pods for simultaneous measurements.